Reminders - Minor Gripes


I use Apple’s Reminders app all the time. Mostly to remind me to do stuff (of course) and to keep track of my school assignments, but I also keep lists of bands to check out, movies to watch, etc. It mostly works fine for me, but there’s a few little nuisances I’d like fixed:

I use my iPad a lot. It’s easily my most-used device, ahead of my iPhone. The main reason is because in school I use Calendars to see my schedule, Pages to type and submit notes and assignments, iBooks to do my College Research and study for Standardized Tests, and Reminders to keep track of those assignments.

The biggest thing missing from the Reminders app on iPad is Location-based Reminders. I can’t for the life of me figure out why I can’t create or use Location-based Reminders on my iPad with Cellular, especially since even my Mac can use them. I’ve never needed them on my Mac, but I miss the feature on my iPad every day.


"Remind Me At a Location" missing underneath "Remind Me On a Day"

At first I thought it was just a bug with my iPad or something (because I could’ve sworn I had Location-based Reminders before) but a friend of pointed out that he doesn’t have them on his iPad either, and after some quick checks on the internet it turns out it’s no bug.

The other (slightly less) annoying thing about Reminders in general is how iOS and OS X handle overdue Reminder alerts: Because I use Reminders to keep track of assignments (and I’m a normal student who’s overdue on a lot of those assignments) I usually get Reminder alerts telling me I need to hand in a particular homework, for example. Usually, I’ll just go into reminders and postpone the Due Date (procrastination at its finest, folks) but the Reminder (with the Bell Icon beside it) still shows in Notification Center across all 3 devices. I wish it would be smart enough to see I’ve changed the time and adjust the notification accordingly. I know this is more a Notifications issue than a Reminders one, but it’s still relevant. I’ve touched on this before as well.

Other than these, I’ve also noticed Reminders on the Mac crashes a lot when I’m creating Location-based Reminders. It gets pretty annoying after the first 2-3 times.

Reminders is a great, simple alternative to the more feature-rich alternatives. It’s likely to fit the needs of most users, and being the native solution it’s probably the only one most of them will ever use. At least, it is for me. And my mom.